Is Gamma Radiosurgery safe and comfortable?

In addition to its effectiveness in treating inoperable vascular malformations and intracranial lesions, Gamma Radiosurgery offers patients a treatment option that makes patient safety and comfort a priority. Because the target area can be strategically located in relation to the center of the radiation focus, the prescribed dosage can be delivered in just one treatment session. With individual radiation beams selectively transmitting gamma radiation, the impact of each beam has minimal effect on normal tissue adjacent to the target area. Our expert staff carefully counsels each patient on what to expect before, during and after Gamma Radiosurgery treatment.

Gamma Radiosurgery has a long history of success. In addition, radiosurgery is not associated with the risk of infection and damage to healthy tissue is minimized. This makes the Gamma Radiosurgery a viable option for patients who previously had no options and a highly effective procedure with minimal risks when compared to conventional neurosurgery.